About Us

We are a husband-and-wife team who grew an appreciation for conscious nursery essentials when we witnessed our son go through rapid development phases from when he was a newborn to engaging in open-ended play. That catapulted our desire to source for sustainable products so that we can provide him with a safe environment to learn, play and explore. As modern family, we are mindful of storage space and seek solutions that could simplify and beautify everyday life and toys that are non-toxic and grow with him while keeping a minimalistic lifestyle. Our search led us to discover many fair-trade family businesses that spoke to our hearts. Here at Of Woods and Fjords, we seek to share our selection of curated children’s goods with you and your little ones.

Reach out to us on any of our channels with feedback or ideas and we will do our best to meet them.


Of Woods and Fjords AB
Epost: Kundservice@ofwoodsandfjords.com
Adress: Gustaf Dalénsgatan 3D, 417 22 Göteborg
Organisationsnummer: 559314-4149